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Live Action Video

The Animated Videos can be transformed into Live Action Videos by replacing illustrations with video fragments manually. TXTOmedia offers the timeline with all on-screen text, voice-over, and existing illustrations. Replacing the images on the timeline

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Sample Animated Video

Text, illustrations, and images used in the written manuals and source files are the basis of our automated video creation solution.

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FrameMaker - Creating and Publishing Content (2015)

This is the only reference guide published for FrameMaker 2015. It's used in courses and classrooms around the world. Get print or EPUB copies at

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FrameMaker Template-Driven Workflow

FrameMaker works best when you separate content from formatting. In unstructured documents, this is done with a FrameMaker template. This PDF shows the relationship between authors, content, and templates.

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Finalyser (final + analysis) is used for WORKFLOW optimization in TechComm. Various tools (Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, ...) are combined as automated processes, making it easier for the author to deal with daily tasks + in Fram

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Eclipse BookBuild

collect multiple data modules of content written in s1000d and build a readable book than can be published to PDF for print or electronic delivery

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Eclipse S1000d

Allows authors to easily write full compliment S1000d data modules in XML using FrameMaker