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Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics turns your technical content into your company’s most valuable asset.

Fluid Topics is a Dynamic Content Delivery platform that reinvents the way technical documentation is made available. It includes the most advanced semantic search technology for efficient and rapid access to relevant content, unique content reading capabilities, and embedded tracking and analytics technology to learn what people read and care about in your product.
Fluid Topics, increase product adoption and customer loyalty and reduce support cost.


Product expertise
  •  Adobe FrameMaker
  •  Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server
Subject expertise
  • XML
  • DITA
  • DocBook
  • HTML5
Type of services
  • Plugins/Addons
Provided in
  • English
  • French
Mode of services
  • Virtual
Countries of services
  • France
  • United States
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Fabrice Lacroix
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+33 607408771

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